Impact Zero Network
Impact Zero Network

Welcome to the Impact Zero Network!

We're building Toronto's circular economy, together!

We're a group of passionate people working to transform Toronto's economy into one that values people, planet, and community!

We aren't going to do it alone.

The climate crisis is bigger than one person or one organization. In order to achieve our collective goals and make the world a little bit better for everyone, we need to bring everyone into the conversation meaningfully and take action as one big community. Collaboration isn't a nice-to-have, it's absolutely necessary!

What Membership is Like

  • Join a welcoming community of like-minded people, all who want to take action together to build a better world
  • Learn about sustainability topics that matter to YOU, you can choose what your interests are and follow just those topics - curated by the Impact Zero Team
  • Join monthly events to meet the group, and engage with leaders in the sustainability world
  • Join easy-to-follow courses and learn more about the circular economy
  • Option to join our exclusive professional-only community filled with business owners who are doing the work to make it easy for consumers to live circularly
  • Option to join our exclusive supporter-only community filled with individuals who are investing in a more sustainable future, and keeping our programming open and accessible

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