Impact Zero Network
Erin Andrews

Welcome to the Impact Zero Network!

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Erin Andrews

Welcome to the Impact Zero Network!

We're building Toronto's circular economy, together!

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We're a group of passionate organizations working to transform Toronto's economy into a circular one. Everyone is either running or significantly involved in some sort of organization working on climate solutions:

  -  Small Sustainable Business Owners

  -  Non-Profit Organizations

  -  Sustainability Team Leaders

  -  Sustainable Business In-Progress


The projects we work on are focused just in Toronto for now, to make sure we have a strong impact where we live. However, we are working with collaborators across Canada to help bring these visions to life! We're all about collaboration, and denounce the idea of competition and rivalry in business settings. 

We'll go further together than if we go alone.


The climate crisis is bigger than one person or one organization. In order to achieve our goals, we need to bring everyone into the conversation to make sure that we are aligned and building solid systems. Collaboration isn't a nice-to-have, it's required!

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